• Marchlight Studio

    Transforming salvaged wood into hand-turned vessels with wood-burned drawings. Watercolour prints. Small sculptures. Greeting cards. Creating beauty and magic out of the unexpected, artists Mark Huisman and Claire Frances Muir are the dynamic team behind Marchlight Studio on Gabriola Island, B.C. Mark cuts, shapes, and turns the plates, bowls, and boards. Claire finishes the works of art with free-hand wood-burned drawings. 

  • Thistle by Wendy Stok

    Wendy crafts her line of sterling silver and bronze jewellery using traditional silversmithing techniques and tools, combined with a contemporary aesthetic. She continues to explore her craft in the form of eclectic, mixed metal objects. Originally hailing from Montreal, and with a background in woodworking, Gabriola Island has been her home for the last 14 years. Her jewellery can be found in various boutiques in British Columbia and Alberta.

  • Tyrrell Clarke - Tyrrell Clarke Studio

    Tyrrell Clarke, BFA is a Canadian artist who has enjoyed a thriving studio practice and art career for thirty five years. Her artwork is an evolving stream of expressive paintings that are all about capturing the energy of her subject. When spring arrives she can’t resist painting big bouquets of flowers and gardens, and the viewer feels the love. She is known for her use of vibrant jewel tones and and her signature style. She has a keen interest in abstraction as is seen in most of her work.Tyrrell’s move to Gabriola Island, BC. is inspired by the deep resonance of nature she feels in the West Coast landscape and her new paintings mirror the forests, ocean and flowers that now surround her. She exhibits both locally and internationally.

  • Laura Handford - Moonshine Studio

    Laura’s original designs feel powerful and elegant when worn. Her trademark pieces showcase the vibrancy of the gem with simple potent lines, letting the stone speak for itself. Other intricately worked silver and gold pieces will excite and enrich you to behold and experience. As Laura’s creativity is refreshed by the forces of nature, she continues to share with us her special brand of Inspiration.

  • Last Cove Candle Co.

    Stephanie Artuso is an artist, photographer and social media expert behind many brands. She lends her design eye to Last Cove creating a signature line of candles with a focus on re-usability and non toxic ingredients.

    Paige Coull is the artist behind Black Bird Studios Pottery. Living and working on Gabriola Island in her home based studio, she creates pots that encompass the Pacific Northwest and all the natural beauty that is her home.

  • Paige Coull - Blackbird Studio

    Paige Coull is the owner and artist behind Black Bird Studios Located on Gabriola Island in her quaint home based studio, Paige creates, designs and teaches everything ceramics. With a background in textile design and photography Paige creates a unique brand of functional pottery. Check her out at blackbirdstudios.me for course information and stores.

  • Brendalee Astells - Silver Bee Studio

    I’ve been a creative soul for as long as I can remember, always looking for ways to express myself. In 2005 I picked up a torch for the first time and it was love at first light. At last the perfect medium to give shape to my imagination. Wanting to share the joy I found working in silver with others I began to teach jewellery making workshops across B.C.’s Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

    In 2014 we moved to Gabriola and I found new inspiration in the island’s natural beauty. As a tribute to my surroundings I created several collections of jewellery meant to capture and reflect the essence of Gabriola’s unique character. There is such joy in creation in whatever form it takes.

  • Nerissa Layton - Mermade Arts

    Nerissa Layton’s favourite quote comes from Banksy. “Art should comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable”. As one who has lived through the extremes of both disturbance and comfort, she is in a unique position to deliver on that promise with her art. Often living in a paracosmic world of her own imagining, her pictures are more like windows into fevered dreams, and cherished reveries. In them, you’ll bear witness to a remarkable soul who sees life both through an innocent, playful child’s eyes, and through the ancient, tortured eyes of one who has, perhaps, experienced too much. Nerissa’s work invariably elicits an immediate, visceral reaction—even a double take… but, as Nerissa is so fond of saying, “anything less is wallpaper”.

  • Deborah Dallyn

    My work is not media specific. I am interested in ideas about the environment both internal and external. I make use of familiar found items that are carefully constructed into objects or installations that discover new narratives about old concerns. Some works pay homage to those who have dared to stand alone; other works are concerned with an affair of the spirit and use water and light. Objects may have a surreal edge that masks a serious engagement.

    I moved to Gabriola more than 10 years ago. Before then I lived in the UK and exhibited in mainly in London, and internationally. I have work in public collections and been supported by Arts Council England and Canada Council.

  • Tammy Hudgeon - Wild Spirit Studio

    Visual artist Tammy Hudgeon grew up under the wide and endless sky of the Canadian Prairies, a place where the open landscape became deeply rooted in her soul.

    Tammy travels widely and finds herself awed and inspired by the traditional and tribal cultures she’s visited and their spirited use of colour, adornment and sacred rituals.

    Many of Tammy’s collectors know her art for her themes of nature, vibrant living colours and exuberant wild spirit.

  • Liv Finley - Liv Finley Designs

    While I have always loved art and creative projects, school has never been easy for me. I have dyslexia which makes learning by traditional methods tough. Luckily, I discovered polymer clay when my Grade 8 school year got sidetracked from Covid 19. I can be found working on different ideas and designs at my worktable at all hours of the day and night!

    I enjoy creating and selling my earrings and interacting with my customers, and am keen to help make a difference by sharing my profits to charitable organizations.

    I am grateful for everyone's support as I continue to create and share my work.

  • Nicole Portmann - Cold Gold

    Nicole Portmann is the creator of Cold Gold. It is a collection of home decor made of concrete. She was drawn to concrete as a medium because she loves that she can take something ordinary, and make it beautiful. Concrete is strong and lasting which gives it a sense of timelessness. I love that each piece I create has subtle imperfections that make it one of a kind.

    I created The B-cup Collection as a breast cancer awareness project but it has become the face of Cold Gold. 

    All of our concrete pieces are made in my home-based studio in Victoria, BC using locally sourced product wherever possible. 

  • Margo Anfossie - Panacea Herbs

    Panacea Herbs, located on the beautifully pristine Gulf island of Gabriola, is an organic, homegrown skin care company. Surrounded by the clear Pacific Ocean and abundant fresh air, old growth forests and rich soils, I grow organic herbs and sustainably harvest from the diverse local flora. It is here, on this tranquil and bountiful island, that I gather my inspirations to provide the very best skin care possible.

    My expertise is based on 20 years of studies in herbology, horticulture and aromatherapy as well as feedback from my customers. Of course I don’t test on animals but my kids are always happy to try something new!

  • Natasha Harvey

    I am an artist and art educator.  I graduated from UBC Okanagan with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and from UBC Vancouver with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. I paint abstract and representational work.  My collage pieces use an existing image as a starting point. Both mediums breathe depending on how I’m feeling at the time.  As I study the visceral world of paint and surface in my education and life, I have discovered that the process of painting is as important as the completed work of art. The paint is given a voice. The energy of the medium, expressed in drips and puddles, springs to life without the intervention of a brush or knife.  As a result, my work is neither controlled or contrived.  In my mixed media works, collage is a key element.  I feel that the use of an existing image allows me to build upon and change it’s meaning or context completely.   My love of nostalgia and irony is evident through out my work. By this, I mean my innate curiousity of the past combined with a contemporary aesthetic and context. Inspiration flows from daily life, from nature, popular culture, fantasy, billboards and a variety of current interests and experiences.

  • Ranza Clark

    Welcome to Deer Trails, and the magical little cabin where art peeks around every corner! I'm a self taught artist who first began sharing my creations across Canada in the 1990s with my watercolour greeting card line, Thumb & Thistle. Since moving to Gabriola in 2009, I've transferred my brush to larger canvases and now work primarily with acrylics and oils. This transition has taken me along a new path, through the woods and into ever more mysterious settings. I find the more I study nature, the more my childlike spirit emerges and can hardly be restrained...resulting in an inescapable playful style, which keeps my paintings flirting on the edge of untold stories from near and far.

  • Ava Luna Art

    Ava Luna is a professional visual artist, screen printer, and henna body artist.
    She was born and raised on Vancouver Island and is currently based out of Comox Valley. Excelling in educational arts programs since childhood, Ava has honed her natural creative talent through the years.
    In an exploration of different mediums, Ava found her groove with nature through trial and error. Much of her inspiration comes from nature, wild life, and textures. She enjoys using vibrant colours with alcohol inks and acrylics, combined with clean-line illustrations.

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