• Dianna Bonder

    Dianna Bonder is an Award-winning Children's Illustrator/Sculptor. Dianna's imagination is a Carnival of the Weird....a road-side attraction that can't be missed!

  • Natasha Harvey

    Natasha Harvey is a painter, printmaker and art educator.  She currently works and resides on the
    unceded ancestral territory of the Syilx Okanagan people.  Natasha graduated from the University of British Columbia Okanagan with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.  She completed her Education degree at the University of British Columbia.  She is currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate at the University of British Columbia Okanagan.  Natasha began painting landscapes at the age of five with her grandmother. Making images is an experience that has always filled her life and will continue to do so.


  • Meghan Bellamy

    Abstract minimalistic artwork designed to bring a calming feeling to your home. Her work captures the classic lanscapes are inspired by our pacific northwest coastline. She lives on Vancouver Island, Canada. Her main mediums are paper, paint and wood. She use these materials in order to create one of a kind artwork inspired by her natural environment. Her assemblage wood landscapes are made up of up of multiple layers of wood giving incredible depth. Her use of watercolour provides a stain to the layers with palettes that are evocative of nature's palette of the northwest coast.

  • Deb Chaney

    Painter Deb Chaney is one of our newest artists on Gabriola. She has been painting for 20 years and her abstract mixed media work is spiritually inspired. The process of building the multiple layers and textures supports her being in the present moment and is part of her healing journey. 

  • Elsa Bluethner

    Elsa Bluethner is an oil painter creating exuberant bold works imbued with life and energy. Elsa's experiences and former career in costuming, garment design, and illustration along with her world explorations and love of the outdoors inspire and inform her imagination as she works from life and memory. Her creative explorations span multiple disciplines and she is know for her plein air, figurative and imaginative abstracts. Elsa has been a professional artist since 2002 and has been living and working on Gabriola Island, BC since 2014.

  • Paige Coull - Blackbird Studio

    Paige Coull is the owner and artist behind Black Bird Studios Located on Gabriola Island in her quaint home based studio, Paige creates, designs and teaches everything ceramics. With a background in textile design and photography Paige creates a unique brand of functional pottery.

  • Tyrrell Clarke - Tyrrell Clarke Studio

    Tyrrell Clarke, is a Gabriolan artist who has enjoyed a thriving studio practice and art career for thirty five years. Her artwork is an evolving stream of expressive paintings that are all about capturing the energy of her subject. Tyrrell’s move to Gabriola Island, BC. is inspired by the deep resonance of nature she feels in the West Coast landscape and her new paintings mirror the forests, ocean and flowers that now surround her. She exhibits both locally and internationally.

  • Ocean Mussack

    Ocean has been a multimedia artist for over 30 years, showing her work in Vancouver, Toronto and Canmore. Her work has always been heavily influenced by her environment. In the city, it consisted primarily of assemblage art from found objects. When she moved to Gabriola, her found objects became driftwood pieces and she took to carving exclusively.

    As she carves, she works intuitively with each piece, releasing the form that she senses dwelling in the wood. Her intention in sharing her carvings is to offer guests the opportunity to connect more deeply to trees. Her inner work is to continuously develop her attentiveness to the spirit of the wood.

  • Jade Krupa

    Jade has lived on Gabriola with her younf family for 3 years. She describes herself as "the artist for the animals." She's inspired by Gabriola and her homestead full of animals. Working from photos, she creates beautiful mixed work by layering tea stains, pen and ink, watercolour, charcoal and acrylics to each piece. There is a vibrancy and dynamic energy in all her work.

  • Dave Aris

    David Aris attributes his work to many influences, not the least of which is the shear joy of creating.That alone has pushed me to explore and experiment in a multitude of mediums. I’m also influenced by visiting gallery’s and seeing amazing work by artists from around the world.David was also strongly influenced by his mom, who was a very talented woman and always encouraged him. After selling my first painting when I was 13, I realized that not only was painting and sculpting fun, but people seemed happy to buy it. A motivator, but not enough to keep me doing art work. Fact is I just love it. Teaching introduced me to a wide variety of artistic endeavors, simply because I wanted to show my students as many ways as possible to create. Silk painting , air brush, clay, water colours, acrylics, print making and more...David lives on Gabriola Island, in the midst of the Salish Sea

  • Jan Grenke - KORU Pottery Studio

    Originally from New Zealand, Jan has lived on Gabriola for a number of years. She loves to experiment with glazes and various types oif clay. Her work is both contemporary and traditional moving fluidly between different styles and forms.

  • Sarah Graeme

    Sarah Graeme is an emerging ceramic artist currently based on T’Sou-ke and Pacheedaht Territory on Vancouver Island (Shirley, BC). She received her BFA from NSCAD University (2021). Sarah’s work combines ceramic forms with plant fibers using weaving and basketry techniques. This combination and overlap in craft mediums and ways-of-making serves as a personal reflection in the context of materials, relationships, and place.

    Her work is created intuitively as a conversation with materials, considering where they have come from, how they were processed, and exploring the relationship and responsibilities inherent in using them.

  • Hilary Farmer

    Hilary grew up in rural Ontario, drawing and painting her way through school. Current fascinations include the beauty of the natural world and the exploration of her inner world through a meditative and intuitive approach to creation. Both aspects have been deeply supported through living on Gabriola where natural inspiration is all around and peace for contemplation is abundantly available. Her most recent work includes oil paintings of local scenes as well as a new experimental abstract series.

  • Tammy Hudgeon - Wild Spirit Studio

    Visual artist Tammy Hudgeon grew up under the wide and endless sky of the Canadian Prairies, a place where the open landscape became deeply rooted in her soul.

    Tammy travels widely and finds herself awed and inspired by the traditional and tribal cultures she’s visited and their spirited use of colour, adornment and sacred rituals.

    She is widely know for her fused glass sculptures and her paintings.

    Many of Tammy’s collectors know her art for her themes of nature, vibrant living colours and exuberant wild spirit.

  • Ode Howard

    I am an artisanal metal worker. From raw steel I create home and garden art, table top items, sculptural work, driveway signs and much, much more. I have a line of products and I also create custom work. I enjoy working with customers, to bring their ideas forth in metal, and to create things that are really meaningful to them. In my small shop my principal tools are a manual steel bender, a handheld plasma cutter, and a welding machine. Nature is a muse for me. I plasma cut ravens, hummingbirds, herons, whales, cats, butterflies, dragonflies, and other critters too. I create art of a spiritual nature as well. Buddhas and OM symbols for example. I love metal work and the creative process.

  • Laura Handford - Moonshine Studios

    Laura's original designs feel powerful and elegant when worn. Her trademark pieces showcase the vibrancy of the gem with simple, potent lines, letting ' the stone peak for itself'.  Other intricately worked silver and gold pieces will excite and enrich you to behold and experience. As Laura's creativity is refreshed by the forces of nature, she continues to share with us her special brand of Inspiration

  • Corinne Flaws

    Corinne is a photographer and visual artist. She uses a variety of mediums including acrylics, oil, alcohol ink and watercolour. Corinne has dabbled in painting and photography for years but has become much more active in the past few years since retiring. She has taken a variety of courses to learn new techniques and develop new ideas. She started taking photos for the intent of capturing ideas to paint and discovered she had an eye for capturing beautiful images.

    Corinne loves to travel and capture the essence of the places she travels to and then paint these images from the photos or from memory. Corinne loves to be surrounded by nature and is fascinated in everything from the smallest rocks to the most vast skies.

  • Fran Usher

    Fran's mixed media sculture work explores human behavior, socialism, and passionate aesthetic outcries on behalf of women…this is the realm she operates in and always has. Her visual forms are filled with a strong narrative, with a want to affect change in attitudes.

  • Taylor Haigh - The Fox Tarot

    Fox on an Island is a small, woman-owned + operated Gulf Island business with a focus on self care + personal magic. Products include The Fox Tarot, The Fox Universe Tarot: A Self Care Oracle, single page lunar calendar, enamel pins, hand-screened patches, pouches + wall hangings, greeting cards, and hand-poured 100% soy wax scented candles.

  • Thistle by Wendy Stok

    Wendy crafts her line of sterling silver and bronze jewellery using traditional silversmithing techniques and tools, combined with a contemporary aesthetic. She continues to explore her craft in the form of eclectic, mixed metal objects. Originally hailing from Montreal, and with a background in woodworking, Gabriola Island has been her home for the last 14 years. Her jewellery can be found in various boutiques in British Columbia and Alberta.

  • Deborah Dallyn

    My work is not media specific. I am interested in ideas about the environment both internal and external. I make use of familiar found items that are carefully constructed into objects or installations that discover new narratives about old concerns. Some works pay homage to those who have dared to stand alone; other works are concerned with an affair of the spirit and use water and light. Objects may have a surreal edge that masks a serious engagement.

    I moved to Gabriola more than 10 years ago. Before then I lived in the UK and exhibited in mainly in London, and internationally. I have work in public collections and been supported by Arts Council England and Canada Council.

  • Westwood Leather Co. - Olivia

    Westwood Leather Co was born from a love of thoughtful design, quality construction, and a rejection of fast fashion. Leathercraft, for Olivia, is the perfect marriage of handmade quality and functional design. She cuts and sews every item by hand and strive to make her items as polished as possible while celebrating the unique character of the leather.

  • Marchlight Studio

    Transforming salvaged wood into hand-turned vessels with wood-burned drawings. Watercolour prints. Small sculptures. Greeting cards. Creating beauty and magic out of the unexpected, artists Mark Huisman and Claire Frances Muir are the dynamic team behind Marchlight Studio on Gabriola Island, B.C. Mark cuts, shapes, and turns the plates, bowls, and boards. Claire finishes the works of art with free-hand wood-burned drawings. 

  • Nerissa Layton

    Nerissa Layton’s favourite quote comes from Banksy. “Art should comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable”. As one who has lived through the extremes of both disturbance and comfort, she is in a unique position to deliver on that promise with her art. Often living in a paracosmic world of her own imagining, her pictures are more like windows into fevered dreams, and cherished reveries. In them, you’ll bear witness to a remarkable soul who sees life both through an innocent, playful child’s eyes, and through the ancient, tortured eyes of one who has, perhaps, experienced too much. Nerissa’s work invariably elicits an immediate, visceral reaction—even a double take… but, as Nerissa is so fond of saying, “anything less is wallpaper”.

  • Vicky Bowes - Springtide Creations

    Vicky's illustrations reflect her love of nature and she's always at her happiest when painting whales. She likes to make creations that are fresh and fun and full of life - just like the spring tides here in the Pacific northwest. Nature is her inspiration and a splash of whimsy never goes amiss.

  • Brendalee Astells - Silver Bee Studio

    I’ve been a creative soul for as long as I can remember, always looking for ways to express myself. In 2014 we moved to Gabriola and I found new inspiration in the island’s natural beauty. As a tribute to my surroundings I created several collections of jewellery meant to capture and reflect the essence of Gabriola’s unique character. There is such joy in creation in whatever form it takes.

  • Maxx Duncalfe

    Maxx is a self taught artist, living on Gabriola Island , who works primarily with wood, resin and wool.

    Surrounded by the beauty of nature’s elements, Maxx lets the pieces organically evolve, allowing each one to be it’s own unique voice.

    In a very personal way each piece is a reminder of the intimate relationship that exists between ourselves and nature.

  • June Halliday

    June is a Métis artisan who has been creating traditional beaded earrings her whole life. She learned this tradition when she was very young from her Aunties. Part of a tradition that dates back hundreds of year, June celebrates the beading as a way to connection with her Métis culture and history. Her work celebrates the traditional Métis floral motifs as well as more comtemporary designs. She uses high quality czech glass beads.

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