Opening November 29th 2021!

Opening November 29th 2021!

So much work getting a small gallery business off the ground. From contacting artists to branding to contacting tradespeople to designing the space and much more! Certainly helps to be living on Gabriola Island "Isle of the Arts" a thriving gulf island arts community in the Salish Sea (Georgia Straight).

As the "Isle of the Arts" Gabriola ranks sixth across Canada with respect to concentration of artists in the local workforce (5.8% compared to the national average of 0.8%).

The Gabriola Arts Council first conceived in 1997 has grown into one of the most successful in the province. The events and opportunities it creates draw large numbers of both artists and tourists to our island with a currently membership of over 500.

I believe that there is a need for a storefront gallery and commercial art space that promotes arts education, and local artists’ and artisan work. Lots of great artists on board already!

Free Spirit Gallery Studio Shop is an art space on beautiful Gabriola Island showcasing local contemporary art and goods from emerging to established artists on Gabriola and across BC. We also offer classes and workshops for kids & adults that aim to nurture the creative spirit in us all. We aim to be a space for people to come and immerse themselves in a creative space for both creating, collecting and appreciating visual arts.

Stay tuned as updates and images will appear on my instagram page & facebook page as the gallery comes to life over November!