Exhibition Submission Guidelines


   Exhibition Submission Guidelines:

  • Explain why your art is a good fit with the gallery.
  • Exhibition Proposal: This should tell us what the physical work is, what the general theme is, and give a sense of scale of the exhibition (how many pieces, what sizes, ). 3-5 sentences.
  • What ideas, concepts, or experiences does this body of work communicate? This should tell us what the work gives the
  • What inspirations or traditions guided or influenced this body of work? Tell us about the influences or inspirations behind this
  • How are the methods or techniques you use that are important to this body of work? Tell us how, or what, the choice of medium or process contributes to this.
  • Any special installation needs or requirements? If your work requires specific installation techniques or equipment, let us know what those For example, numerous electrical outlets, audio-visual equipment, or specialized wall mounts. Estimate the space required in square or linear feet
  • Provide a complete inventory of works to be shown. Include titles, media, images, and prices.

          Email to Catherine: info@freespiritstudio.ca