BIRD by Jade Krupa December 1-31, 2022

Dec 1 - 31, 2022

Opening reception: Friday December 9,  6-8pm

Our final exhibition of the year will be the wonderful energetic work of Jade Krupa of Zaworkski Art & Homestead Studio. Jade's main subjects are animals from pets to farm animals. The character she captures demonstrates her incredible intuitive ability as an artist, looking beyond the form and shapes. Her style is loose and free and lends itself beautifully to primal wildness and movement of her subjects. This show will feature new original birds from cranes to finches to hummingbirds.

A show about birds.

Simply put, the beauty in animals being themselves. The stoic oddness of standing runner duck just before it’s ready to run, to the graceful blue heron  in a awkward landing pose to your everyday backyard tiny birds going about their business. 

My inspiration often comes from my homestead. Filled with masked Muscovy ducks, crazy chickens and roosters with my two proud geese.  My happiest place!

The wild birds, “wildies” I call them, are just as abundant and interesting around the homestead. Woody the woodpecker comes yearly driving us nuts with the constant pecking, the dive bombing warrior hummingbirds that fight over my 4 feeders, the 30 wild ducks all named bubbles and squeaks coming daily for my feed and a pond swim and the tiny little cedar bush day birds that I have to save often when they fall out of the trees.  The predator birds such as the owls, hawks and even eagles make appearances around here but that’s another story!

When I get a chance to create a show of my choosing it usually  starts with one idea and grows from there, never really knowing what way it will end up. I’m very confident in the fact that for this show I stay true to each birds character and flaws just being themselves making beautiful and stunning art pieces.

I am known as the crazy chicken lady. I’ll own that!

Life is just better with animals in it.


- Jade Krupa