CURRENT EXHIBITION: OFF THE TOUR - Group Show September 27 – October 11, 2022


OFF THE TOUR Group Show September 27 - October 11, 2022

As we move past summer and into Autumn, our physical landscape and environment transitions into a new cycle of change. This shift means a time of creativity. Nature follows seasons and so do artists, although not always in sync. This time where we are often more reflective and circular in our thinking. The Gabriola artists featured in this show are presenting pieces that reflect for them the shifting of time and change. What comes out of the periods of rest, cultivation, ideation, and creation. It is a balance in the lives of artists to nurture these periods as naturally as possibly. Artists need to take breaks in meaningful ways and propagating seeds of creativity takes time.


Karen Cain’s abstract textured mixed media pieces explore concepts of time and place from various perspectives. A long-time artist and resident of Gabriola Karen’s work is widely known. Time is a River is an ongoing series reflecting changes over time. “The viewer is invited to join my journey as I explore this theme through abstract images of the flow of water as a metaphor for the human experience. Always sensuous textures and layered colour are my signature.”

Larisa Bothma’s very personal fibre based Anatomia series. Each piece bringing to life what her family has been through following a traumatic medical diagnosis of their young son. "Anatomia began as I dove into the position as a medical mama for our baby @ArendAgulhas (IG) when he was diagnosed at 6 months with a rare blood disorder which requires a stem cell transplant. I’ve spent countless hours in hospital thinking about medical procedures and have dove into understanding how our bodies work. This has inspired me to explore the art of organs through this new medium in my practice. The momentum of punch needling has been soothing and the subtle patterns the yarn creates is mesmerizing. Allowing each piece come to life in its own time reflects much of what our family has been through this year."

Judy Mountjoy after a period of creative block brought on by the pandemic, rediscovered her love of painting and creating over the past year producing many new inspired pieces. Her work is often inspired by the natural environment and in particular the animal world. My creative process is a constantly evolving cycle and being like a kid in a candy store at my favourite art supply has led me to add oils to my mixed media process. This collection is the start of my experimenting with oils.”

Jan Grenke of Koru Pottery Studio has reinvented herself as a potter after years of a dormant practice. Delving deep into the magic of glazes and the powerful chemistry that takes place in the kiln. The colours are mere suggestions on my part, as the glazes, the firing temperatures, and the position of the pieces within the kiln itself, can determine subtle or huge changes to the final outcome of colours. The cycle of all 4 elements earth, water, air, and fire - need to be in harmony for a single item of pottery to succeed to become a usable functional item.”

Deborah Dallyn, an artist who pushes the boundaries of art and creation at every step. Her work is assemblage based and while sometimes she works in minimal ways her pieces are often complex webs of materials and narratives.

My work is not media specific. I am interested in ideas about the environment both internal and external. I make use of familiar found items that are carefully constructed into objects or installations that discover new narratives about old concerns. Some works pay homage to those who have dared to stand alone; other works are concerned with an affair of the spirit and use water and light. Objects may have a surreal edge that masks a serious engagement.”