Pareidolia by Nerissa Layton - Tuesday February 8 2022 - Saturday March 12, 2022

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in a random stimulus. The human brain is hard-wired to recognize shapes around us, and this often leads to people assigning living characteristics to objects.

The inspiration is The Paint.
The action of painting reveals what is hidden. Each stroke determines these characteristics in my art.
My perception reveals what I see on the canvas just like imagining what I see in the clouds. The images are unique to each of us as individuals.
It begins when we are infants with facial recognition and seeing, interpreting forms through under developed vision. Followed by recognizing facial expressions and assigning perceived emotions.
Pareidolia is considered to be an error of visual perception.
As an Outsider Artist I consider this to be a visual gift. No error assigned.
Welcome to my imaginings and paracosmic world of Layton Art.
Celebrating perception.
Art as an inkblot test with no standardized Rorshach measure.
No right or wrong or error do not pass go. A Where's Waldo art adventure with your own perception of what Waldo looks like and where you find him.
You are most welcome and invited to do a double take. With a reminder that art does not have to match the sofa.