The Tiny Art Show


All original artwork • All 4"x4" or smaller.
Tiny but mighty miniature art is perfect for the movement towards tiny homes and smaller footprints on our planet. 
The pieces included range from painting to ceramics to sculpture. Every piece highlights the work that goes into their creation, all of the tiny marks, minuscule paint strokes, and attention to detail. 



Claire Muir & Mark Huisman
Nerissa Layton
Tyrrell Clarke
Ranza Clark
Taylor Haigh
Larisa Bothma
Marcelle Glock
Dianna Bonder
Sandra Civitarese
Corinne Flaws
Brendalee Astells
Gwen Spinks
Hilary Farmer
Jade Krupa
Judy Mountjoy
Dave Aris
Corinne Flaws
Annette Lorek
Margaret Mann
Rai Woodland & Nathan Byfield
Tara Carr
Monica Magnetti
Maxx Duncalfe
Tammy Hudgeon
Marcelle Glock
Debbie Marshall
Annette Lorek
Christi York
Marcelle Glock
Kim Fagerlund
Shelley Twist
Margaret Mann
Carolyn Bell
Jonathan Hoskins
Debbie Briggs
Fran Usher
Zulis Yalte
Karen Haugen