Current Exhibition: Four in the Morning by Marcelle Glock January 10-28, 2023 *Also featuring four large pieces by painter Elsa Bluethner

Artist Statement

4:00 am is both way too late and far too early. It’s a most intense time for the body to heal and for the mind to hurt. Perhaps night-owls, nocturns, insomniacs, non-24's, circadian atypicals, the sleep disturbed and occasional sympathizers can relate to a theme of bleary deep-night work in a diurnal world when a comfortable bed feels like rejection.

The conversion of stories to wet clay beside lyrical music of Leonard Cohen is thoughtful unconscious ekphrasis, and pillows the mental impact of shockingly crappy divergences that surface at four in the morning. In bent states of fatigued clarity issues of balance, innocence, longing, elation, hazards and existential insanity become visual tactile abstractions referring back to reality of the vessel form.

In coercive collaboration with earth water air & fire, I can contribute to a ceramic piece until it’s time to sleep and allow the elements to take over the finishing process of creating a synthetic stone object of communication.

- Marcelle Glock



In conjunction with Marcelle Glock's woodfire ceramic show, she has invited the incredible Elsa Bluethner to exhibit four of her large canvases to accompany the show. A fiery combo of two powerful fierce Gabriola artists!