Current EXHIBITION "Spirited" Elsa Bluethner July 26 – August 14, 2022

 Looking back over the evolution of my abstract series over the last two years, from Becoming, Educing, Red Green and to the more recent Yupo paper explorations, one cannot help notice the thread linking them all. The paintings are bold, the colours are vivid, the work is energetic. I wield the mighty brush with bravado and courage. There is nothing shy or timid about these, they are spirited.

Every series emerged from intuitive painting, in which I established an intention as a starting point and allowed myself to be led by that which was laid on the canvas. Fearless and with spirit, I used rollers, squeegees, palette knives, brushes, cold wax medium, galkyd mediums and sprayed, splashed, rolled, scrubbed designs and motifs, painted fine lines, layered, scrubbed away until something was revealed to me.This method of painting brings me great pleasure as the spirit of Creator is clearly revealed.

- Elsa Bluethner