Past Exhibition: "Moving; Through, Towards, Within." by: Deb Chaney & Sarah Graeme August 16 - Sept 5, 2022

When faced with uncertainty, one can either become fixed, paralyzed by the unknown, or move; through, towards, within. Through their artistic practices, both Deb Chaney and Sarah Graeme use the process of creating as a way to work through and into what is unknown and uncertain.

Deb Chaney’s abstract, ethereal paintings, explore the narratives of her own personal healing journey. Using the process and ongoing practice of painting, Deb Chaney works within themes of authenticity, truth, and connection.

Gathered on plinths, Sarah Graeme’s woven ceramic vessels emanate a sense of delicate balance. The tension held in the vessels between their rigid and malleable forms mirrors the tension she navigates in creating work with these different materials and the considerations of their environmental cost. As the artist, Sarah imagines her role to be a facilitator in a conversation between the materials, each of them actively participating in the collaboration. Through this work, she reckons with how to continue creating while being responsible with material consumption. In this way, the vessels serve as containers for reflecting on what is in process, an unfolding dialogue between the artist and materials.

- Deb Chaney & Sarah Graeme