“There is nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend” - Bob Ross

As we navigate our lives during this crazy time in history, I paint. I follow what makes my heart happy. I escape to the place where flowers bloom and where trees speak to each other. Hope is restored and I am reset as my human friends leave offerings of wildflowers and peonies at the front door of my studio while I drink strong coffee after a night of painting. My friends rise early… playing in the garden and imagining how much I would love the bouquet they are putting together. And they are right! As I arrive and see the offering, I know that my plans for the day are like a dandelion gone to seed. I have a short window to paint these new flower friends. The perfect day. - Tyrrell Clarke

Tyrrell Clarke, is a Gabriolan artist who has enjoyed a thriving studio practice and art career for thirty five years. Her artwork is an evolving stream of expressive paintings that are all about capturing the energy of her subject. Tyrrell’s move to Gabriola Island, BC. was inspired by the deep resonance of nature she feels in the West Coast landscape and her new paintings mirror the forests, ocean and flowers that now surround her. She exhibits both locally and internationally.