Whimsy by Hilary Farmer - Tuesday April 26 to Saturday June 4, 2022


In “Whimsy” I am expressing my joy in art that plays freely and un-self-consciously. The freedom to express our inmost response to the outer world through art is at the centre of our humanity.

These pieces reflect my path through the pandemic, which started with a strong move into abstraction and became a journey back to more representational work, with scenes that drift on the edge of a dream.

 In creating these pictures, I gave myself freedom in technique, layering and scraping oil paint that was thinly and thickly applied with joyous, spontaneous brushwork. Embracing movement and time, I explored my inner world through a meditative and intuitive exploration of the beautiful natural world around me: Gabriola's forests, rocks and mosses, the ocean's ever-moving shoreline, and the creatures who share it with us.

- Hilary Farmer